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Entrepreneurship in Social Farming. Curriculum and Guide

One of the operational objectives of the MAIE project was to develop a curriculum on ‘Entrepreneurship in Social Farming’ for farmers, allowing for mobility of trainees and credits, and accessible in all participating countries, as an important contribution for disseminating social farming and exploiting its potential benefits for society.

Download the "Entrepreneurship in Social Farming" Curriculum and Guide here.


The MAiE Project

The MAIE project “Multifunctional Agriculture in Europe – Social and Ecological Impacts on Organic Farms” consists of representatives from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Finland and Germany.

Our vision is to develop a variety of ways of spreading knowledge about social farming by:

  • promoting the social farming movement,
  • supporting rural areas to work in well-organized networks,
  • developing fields of social work in combination with agriculture, and
  • establishing links between movements and activities in Europe.

MAiE - Summer School in Portugal Pilot course

In week 23 to 27 September will be held the first course about Social Farming in Portugal, a result of the MAiE international project, under the Leonardo da Vinci program. This pilot course will be taught at CERCICA Estoril with the presence of European observers and practitioners of Agriculture and Social Support.


Social Farming


Entrepreneurship in Social Farming. Curriculum and Guide

The MAiE Project



Agrarian University Plovdiv

AGROBIO - The Portuguese Association for Organic Agriculture

AIAB - Associazione Italiana per l’Agricoltura Biologica

AREA viva

CERCICA - Cascais Disabled Citizens Education and Rehabilitation Cooperative

HAS Den Bosch

LEI Institute

MTT Agrifood Research Finland


Thüringer Ökoherz e.V.

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MAiE - Summer School in Portugal Pilot course